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Dot Applet

This simple applet uses the Animate Class. It moves every couple of seconds. For a subtle "What was that?"


See the Animate Class.

How To

Easiest way: Add the following to your HTML document.
<applet codebase=http://www.bloke.com/java/Dot/ code=Animate.class width=40 height=14>
<param name=img value=/java/Dot/dot.gif>
<param name=pause value=10>
<param name=fixedpause value=2000>
<param name=randompause value=16000>
<img alt="" src=http://www.bloke.com/java/Dot/li.gif width=40 height=14>
View the source of this document for an example.
You could copy all the required files to your own system. (Please don't ask how!)

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